Natural colours
for confections

Natural colours are great for confections! Both boiled sweets and gummy candies typically have high acidity and low moisture, allowing for a variety of vibrant hues. These applications require colours with high heat stability, like plain caramels, annatto, Amaize® red, turmeric, Emulsitech® Beta-carotene and Paprika, or chlorophyllin, where permitted.

For aerated confections, such as marshmallows or fruit chews, colours should be water-soluble to keep the foam intact. These include red beet, spirulina, and anthocyanins. You may also need to add a little extra colour for vibrant hues since the aeration will cause the colour to appear more pastel.

For panned confections, there are many colour options available since the panning syrup does not have to be boiled to high temperatures and is generally more neutral in pH than gummies or hard candies. This allows colours that are not acid stable, like spirulina, to be used.
Since there are tons of natural colours for confections available, contact us to get a custom blend to match a specific flavour or label.

Since there are tons of natural colors for confections available, contact us to get a custom blend to match a specific flavor or label. Interested in flavour, fragrance, texture, or other ingredients for your confections projects? Click here to learn more about how we can help you create the perfect the multisensorial experience in confections.

Looking to replace synthetics in your application? Check out the article on our learning center for more information. Need something a little more in-depth? The webinar on our learning center will provide tips and tricks to get the best results for your application when replacing synthetics.

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