Natural Colours
for Snacks

There are a range of yellow, red, orange, and brown natural colours for snacks available. Baked, fried, and extruded snacks require colours with high heat stability like annatto, emSeal® Beta-carotene or Paprika, turmeric, and Naturbrown® ingredients. Fried snacks also require water soluble colours. This helps to prevent the colour from migrating out of the snack item into the frying oil, Annatto, beet, and Naturbrown® ingredients are good choices for avoiding colour leaching in these applications. Extruded snacks should use colours with high heat stability.

Colour selection and dosage rate will also depend on the base material used. Chickpea, potato, and corn, for example, all appear differently and may require additional colours or colour blends to get the right shade for the flavour you are going for.

Many natural colours for snacks seasonings are available as powders to pair with the bold flavours for snack coatings. Heat stable powder colours can be added directly to fried snacks just out of the oil while liquid and powder options are available for slurries. For bright seasonings, try our Vibrant™ powders, which have a vivid appearance and are great for spicy flavours. Looking for more information? Check out our Learning Center for The Different Ways to Colour Snacks.

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