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Colour Matching

Switching natural colour suppliers or converting from synthetics to naturals without impacting the colour of your final product requires a combination of scientific and artistic expertise. Fortunately, our applications scientists have extensive custom blending experience and the latest colour measurement instrumentation, to support you with the best colour matches possible while avoiding any major changes to your manufacturing process or final product.

Custom Blending

Creating unique shades that creatively match the flavour profile of a product often requires blending. Take advantage of a customised look for your product without the long development time by utilising our library of successful, ready-made colour solutions for commonly used flavours. Each has been subjected to rigorous stability testing and is fully commercialised, which means your blend is ready to ship quickly when you need it. Can’t find the exact shade you’re looking for? That’s ok, too. You can work directly with our applications scientist to create a custom natural colour solution specific to your brand. Contact us for more information on our vast library of blends or to develop your own.

New Product Development

Our innovation scientists are constantly working to optimise our current offerings or bring new ideas to the market. From improving stability and enhancing physical properties to optimizing delivery systems for ease of use or cost-reduction, we are continuously focused on providing support and delivering value to our customers. Whether working within our own product portfolio or partnering up to expand into brave new areas, our goal is to offer you the most stable, cost-effective, market-relevant colours.


All of our colours are rigorously tested for stability prior to commercialisation. But colours in finished formulations can behave quite differently than in a model system. That’s why we encourage testing the stability of the natural colour in your specific product formulation under the intended storage and distribution conditions. While real time shelf life testing is ideal, accelerated heat and light testing can give us an idea of real-time performance. We can arrange in-house support and stability testing in your product base when appropriate. We value the close confidential relationship this requires and are here to help you confidently bring your project to market. Contact us to find out more.


Our ECO portal gives you easy on-line access to all relevant documentation for the products you purchase from us whenever you need it, wherever you are.Have a more in-depth project you’re working on or require additional documentation or special statements? Our quality and regulatory departments can help answer any relevant questions you have. They can also provide additional documentation or statements on our colors so you can make sure you remain compliant within your sector.

Regulatory Guidance

Navigating global regulatory standards is complex. With different regulations around the world, it can be difficult to determine where you can use a colour or how it should be labelled. Members of our regulatory team represent us on every major colour association for caramel and natural colours – ITCA, EUTECA, NATCOL – so we can support you with the most reliable and up-to-date information on the colour you purchase from us and the regions in which you are launching your products.