28 June 2022

Fermentalg meets food colour technical milestone and initiates the
pre-commercialization of Innovative Acid Stable Blue Natural Color with
DDW, part of Givaudan

Fermentalg (Euronext – FALG), the French expert in the microalgae bioindustry, announces that it has reached the final technical milestone in the scale-up of Galdieria Blue Extract[1]– the acid stable natural blue food color developed in partnership with DDW, part of Givaudan. The completion of the industrialization work allows the partners to engage in the initial commercialization stage of this new product, an alternative to synthetic blue colors for low pH food and beverage applications.

As part of the partnership agreement signed in June 2020, and in order to support the launch of this new color, the achievement of this second milestone triggers an additional payment of €1 million from DDW to Fermentalg in the form of a supplier’s advance repayable on future product deliveries. The first pre-commercial orders are expected before the end of the year.

In this context, Fermentalg will initiate the industrial transfer and production with a leading German toll manufacturer, in line with the strategy to increase and diversify its production capacity.

On this occasion, Elaine Gravatte, President – DDW, part of Givaudan, says: “Innovation in the field of precision fermentation is an important avenue to create the colors that will shape the future of multisensorial food experiences. We are very excited at the prospect of adding this new sought-after reference to our natural color palette. It offers an unparalleled solution that fills the previously unmet need for a natural, sustainable blue, especially in the flagship beverage sector.

Philippe Lavielle, CEO of Fermentalg, adds: “This new milestone confirms once more the power of our marine biology platform. Following the growing commercial success of our DHA ORIGINS launched a couple of years ago, Fermentalg sets ready to launch our new Galdieria Blue Extract product line with our partner DDW, part Givaudan. Beyond what this represents in terms of potential growth for the company, we are proud to contribute, with the help of one of the world leaders in natural food coloring, to clean label ingredient options for consumers and the sustainability of the food industry at large.

In parallel with the industrial transfer and pre-commercialization efforts, applications with the European Food Safety Authority and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are being pursued to obtain regulatory authorisations in the second half of 2023.

[1] originating from the Blue Origins® joint development program

About DDW, Part of Givaudan

Mother Nature supplies the raw materials, DDW – part of Givaudan – adds more than 150 years of color expertise. It is a brilliant partnership that offers a complete range of natural color solutions for the food and beverage industry. DDW, now part of Givaudan, global leader in Fragrance & Beauty and Taste & Wellbeing, has 11 locations on 5 continents and is committed to making a positive difference in our communities and working toward a sustainable future.

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About Fermentalg

As an expert in research and bioindustrial exploitation of microalgae, Fermentalg’s objective is to offer sustainable solutions and innovative products contributing to the elaboration of healthy, natural and efficient products. Our business: the development, production and marketing of sustainable solutions and active ingredients from microalgae for nutrition, health and the environment. Nutritional lipids, alternative proteins, natural food coloring and innovative environmental solutions make up our company’s current and future offer.

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