Natural Colors

We start with colors from natural sources like fruits, vegetables, and seeds, apply scientific expertise, and back that with more than 150 years of experience. The result is not just natural colors, but beautiful natural colors that meet the needs of consumers and manufacturers alike. From ensuring traceability, to creating easy-to-use colors in just about any form, to developing custom blends, we deliver functional products for manufacturers with the simple label needs of the market. Explore our range of natural color solutions below.


Our vertically integrated Amaize® red is an anthocyanin source that checks all the right boxes for a vibrant red color with a responsible supply chain. Or choose from a wide selection of additional red sources including beet, radish, elderberry, black carrot, or carmine.


Annatto and paprika provide cost-effective, and reliable orange colors manufactured at our North and South American and European locations. Oil soluble, water soluble, powders, suspensions, emulsions – any form for any application.


From pale butter yellow to rich gold, work with stable, ready-to-use water or oil soluble forms derived from sources like beta-carotene, paprika, turmeric, and safflower.


Super stable to simple label – we have a wide range of greens to fit your application. Try our incredible range of chlorophylls and chlorophyllins that have supply chain transparency back to the field. Or choose from one of our expertly crafted blends utilizing spirulina.


Spirulina provides a true blue color for applications like confections and ice cream. Need a different shade? Try one of our standard spirulina blends for a purple or green-toned blue or work with one of our application scientists to customize your own shade.


Our vegetable carbon black provides a rich, intense black color that can be effortlessly incorporated into almost any manufacturing process. Its pourability leads to better color dispersion – meaning better color expression and better cost-in-use for your application.


From simple label browns like burnt sugars and Naturbrown® ingredients, to tried and true caramel colors, you’ll find the best stable brown solution for your application.