Is this coloring just for food?

While the vast majority of our colors are used in food, there are other relevant applications they can be used in – such as cosmetics or nutraceuticals.

Are the colors natural?

There is no official definition of natural, but all of our colors are made from natural sources like fruits, vegetables, minerals, and seeds. We mean it when we say “harvested from nature”!

Do you offer all colors?

We offer an entire rainbow of colors, including a large library of blends, for the food and beverage industry! You can browse our selection here. Don’t see the color you are looking for? Contact us to request a custom blend!

Will the color make my product taste different?

It depends on the product and the use rate. At suggested dose rates, taste contribution is generally unnoticeable. But if an exceptionally large dose is used, you may notice some flavor impact.

Where do your products come from?

Our products come from all over the world! Our Amaize® Red, for example, is from North America, while our Chlorophyll is harvested from fields in the UK. Annatto comes from locations in Latin America and Africa and other colors come from locations such as Eastern Europe and China.

Why are you asking so many questions about my product/process?

The more information we know about your product – such as processing time, temperature, other ingredients, etc. – the better solution we can recommend for coloring your product. Since some natural colors are sensitive to pH while others are more stable to high heat, we want to make sure we recommend the one(s) that best suit your manufacturing process so we can hit your target color the first time around.

Can you match the current color of my product?

Absolutely. We use color measurement equipment and a lot of experience to provide the best possible match to your product. The easiest way to do this is to provide your base with a pantone color or reference shade you’d like us to match. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer liquids and powders?

We sure do!

Can I get a sample?

Absolutely! Just click here, select a color, and give us some information on your product and we will send a sample your way.

What are your minimums?

Our minimum order quantity is $250

Do you have a distributor I can buy smaller amounts from?

We sure do. Simply contact us with details about your application, desired color, and the amount you are looking for. We’ll make sure your request gets to the right place!